Retron 5 Cartridge Slots – How to Remove Carts Easily

Retron carts

Generally speaking, the Retron 5 is a solid and durable piece of retro gaming hardware – however, prior to the console’s UK release, there were anecdotal warnings of the cartridges being difficult to remove, with the grip on the pin connectors being a bit tight. We’ve inserted and removed a lot of carts from Retron 5 machines, and whilst we’ve had no issues with pins breaking as some have claimed to have experienced, we can say that the Retron 5 does have quite a firm grip on carts that can – if pulled at in a certain way – make them quite difficult to remove.

Fortunately, Hyperkin have suggested a technique for easily removing carts from Retron 5 cartidge slots that completely resolves the issue. We’ve created a little video to demonstrate:

So it’s actually really simple

  • Just place one hand on the console to steady it
  • Pull on the cart from the right with your other hand and it’ll pop straight out

We’re yet to have any cartridges stick or have any pins break in the RetroN 5 – just remember this tip and you’ll be fine

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