Retron 5 Status Update – Sept 2014

We have updated all customers with the latest information we have on the Retron 5. Below is a copy of the email for reference. 

“Below is the latest information we have from the manufacturer regarding stock of the Retron 5.

We are actively trying to get accurate information from Hyperkin, but we still have no confirmed release date and getting a response is becoming more and more difficult. The current status is that the product is waiting for a CE mark (required for products like this to be on sale in Europe) and it is proving difficult for them to complete this process.

We have offered to send Senior members of our team to the USA to support the completion of this process (we have extensive experience getting products CE marked) but they do not seem keen on doing so.

We sincerely apologise for this continued delay and if there was anything we (as the retailer) could be doing, we would be doing it. It disappoints me every time I send these emails as I have been on the receiving end of emails like this myself and I know how frustrating it is. But we have tried to be as open and honest with you about this product, right from day one. We have given you all of the information we have and we will continue to push to get this product in stock ASAP.

Thank you again for your patience and as always should you wish we are happy to provide full refunds on any Pre-Orders currently held”.

  • Fabiano Morais

    Thank you, Andy Pearson, for keeping us updated. I haven’t pre-ordered, but I was planning to buy the system from Funstock eventually. I’m sorry to hear that Hyperkin seems so uncoopeative, makes me wonder if I should look for alternatives to be honest.

  • Deanster101

    Your openness and efforts to get this product over here is much appreciated, wish I could say the same for Hyperkin!

  • Chris Sole

    Thank you for keeping us informed and reminding me that, despite the issues I can trust in updates from you.
    So with that, hopefully I will still go ahead with a pre-order although I have to double check with Mr b. Manager first….:)

  • Stimp

    Thanks for the update, I’ll still be getting this as soon as you have stock available. I don’t mind the wait so much, I have so many games to play at the moment anyway. I look forward to more updates and hopefully an in-stock notification. Keep up the Great work.