RetroN 77 – The Atari Console We’ve All Been Waiting For

The 2600 has returned

Atari is on a roll. It seems like every piece of news recently revolves around the Atari brand, if it’s a new handheld, new book, new merchandise. They’ve really been doing a great job at making a comeback to the front of our minds by waving the likes of Frogger to Asteroids around. But this time, we’re getting a real treat.

Hyperkin has stepped in to bring us the clone Atari console that we’ve all wanted for sometime. A proper console that can play those 2600 cartridges you have in your house and display them in HD. It’s a neat little piece of kit, as we’ve not had a lot of hardware dedication from the Atari side. Content with plug and play options, and not anything that can deal with your favourite carts from yesteryear.

You’ve also got support for the origional joypads, and USB controller support if you want to switch things up a bit. A price hasn’t been revealed just yet, but more information is expected to release closer to the holiday season. But the mere existence of this console is a real treat for Atari fans, as I’m sure we’ve all looked at some of the offerings from Hyperkin and wished they would focus a bit more on the proper old school generation. So now that we’ve got it, the excitment is real!

As for us – We’re a strong partner with the folks at Hyperkin and have historically stocked all of their consoles. So make sure you keep your eye on Funstock Retro for more information soon!

Are you excited for the Retron 77? Let us know in the comments below if you are!

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  • Christopher Rutherford

    When r u getting this in stock? And what price will it be?