Rumble Pak – Sexy Accessory Sunday

It’s funny how force feedback is such a given today, and yet most gamers don’t realise the innovation truly took off with Nintendo’s Rumble Pak. True, it had been around in arcade games for a long time before 1997, but it was when Nintendo took the bull by the balls and introduced it into their Nintendo 64 Pads as an external attachment that we all sat up and took notice.

I went without it for quite some, a year maybe, but I was so jealous at one of my friends who had it and would talk about how they could now ‘feel’ the secrets of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I eventually buckled by buying Lylat Wars secondhand, with which the Rumble Pak came. I gave it a go on Zelda and wow, he was right! It rumbled! But I soon realised that it was bundled with Lylat Wars for a reason.

I LOVED the reaction I was feeling while flying along the planets of the Lylat system. It all suddenly felt so inclusive. I myself was suddenly feeling the effects of the shots!!! It was truly mind-blowing at the time, and I went on to enjoy the device with the likes of the Banjo series, Diddy Kong Racing, the Mario Party series, Majora’s Mask, and the WWF AKI games.

Sure, Sony and Microsoft took the idea of force feedback to amazing new levels with insane strength, but I’ll never forget where I felt the good vibrations first; back with good ol’ Ninty in the nineties. Saying that though, anyone else remember that vibration test option in Metal Gear Solid? Let’s not get into my past love-life now…

He knows what I’m talking about, the pest

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