Rayman SNES Prototype Revealed!

Ubisoft isn’t associated with Rayman as much as they once were. Sure the Assassins Creed series is great, but alongside Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog – Rayman is quite high on the list of the greatest heroes in gaming! Thankfully there have been a few recent wonderful releases done by Ubisoft such as Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, so the current generation have been made away of the eccentric limbless hero! But news of Rayman is always welcome, so imagine the surprise when the creator decided to post about an unreleased Rayman SNES Prototype!

Via Instagram, creator Michel Ancel posted two photos of the Super Nintendo Prototype for everyone to see. Ancel is already known for using Instagram to tease interesting news, such as the pre-development stages of Beyond Good and Evil 2! Which can be read here! The game is being played on a Super Nintendo development cartridge, and has a message from Ancel expressing just how happy he is to have found something that he had not seen for quite some time.

Rayman’s world is not very recognizeable in this instance, as the screenshots show off a dark alien setting and don’t have much to do with the Rayman we know today really. But it’s not unheard of to see such stark differences, as the Banjo Kazooie we know today is much different from the Project Dream as it was called, that Rare started off with.

Fans are quite interested in more of what Ancel has shown off, to now just how playable it is in it’s current stage. But the best part is that Michel has said that the game has remained dormant for around 24 years now, which alludes to Rayman having been developed for a while 3 years before we as the general public got the loveable hero.

[Image 1 of the Super Nintendo development cartridge.] [Image 2 of the actual gameplay.]


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