Samurai Shodown V Special – Coming To Consoles This Year!

Getting ultraviolent with the Samurai

SNK have a great deal of fantastic fighting game franchises, and a lot of us remember the Shodown series with a lot of love. I doubt we remember it containing heavy ultraviolence though. There is a version of Samurai Shodown that features the characters being sliced in half and bathed with blood. Why? Because of reasons.

But no, Samurai Shodown V Special was in the media a while back over the gratuitous amount of violence featured. Was there a reason for us to see our favourite character’s little sprite bodies being torn to shreds? Not really, but it matters little. SNK have decided the game riddled with gore is going to get a shot worldwide. Shodown fans have been waiting for more content from the series, so this could just be SNK giving them what they want.

Check out the trailer below.

Samurai Shodown V Special will release later this year in the summer for PS4 and Vita.

What do you think about the latest from the Samurai Shodown series? Will you be playing it this year?

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