Secret Of Mana Gameplay Released!


So as we established, Square Enix is going full force with remakes. FF 7 and Secret of Mana will grace new generation, and while Secret of Mana isn’t as shiny and edgy as the likes of FF7, it’s still something that deserves all the hype it is getting. Secret of Mana is a hallmark JRPG and is one of the more unknown titles for the young kids of today.

Square Enix has released a gameplay video that showcases a plethora of things that people were curious about and we’ll do our best to break them down for you. We do however suggest watching the video first, as while our text is helpful, it’s better to experience the gameplay with your own eyes first.

So far, we’ve learned the following.

– The main character can no longer be named. Their name is Randi to help with voice acting
– The mini map is pretty much a replica of the SNES version
– Couch co-op will be available.
– Offline and Online multiplayer will extend for up to 3 players according to a Japanese site. This is not yet confirmed however.
– Full voice acting, every cutscene.
– All music will be remade.

Neat huh? We’re looking forward to what else Square Enix reveals as the game is quickly shaping up to be one of the best repackaged Retro treats since Crash and Samus II.

Are you excited for the Secret of Mana remake? What do you want to see the most? Let us know in the comments!

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