Secret Of Mana Remake Coming Next Year

Now this a remake we can get behind!

It looks like the success of Seiken Densetsu Trilogy for the Switch got Square Enix’s attention! The outcry was quite large for a proper retail release outside of the west, and while it isn’t an announcement of that game, what we’re getting is arguably better!

A full remake of Secret of Mana is getting released next year. It’ll feature brand new visuals, which are quite different and matches the style used for Adventures of Mana, a mobile game released a while back. Full English Voice acting and new music will be included too. Thankfully no gameplay changes have been made and it’ll be the same story and play in the same top down style we’re used to.

The release date is February 15th, 2018 and will be releasing for the PS4, Vita, and PC. According to a PS EU blog post, the game will be a digital release. Whether or not we’ll see a physical edition remains to be seen.

We cannot wait for more information as the game looks like it’ll be a treat to revisit! Hopefully, it’ll be reasonably priced too!

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Are you excited for the Secret of Mana remake? Or are you tired of remakes? Let us know in the comments! 

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