SEGA Console Themes Heading to Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have announced that the Nintendo 3DS will receive a selection of new home screen themes based upon popular retro SEGA Consoles such as the SEGA Megadrive and SEGA Master System.

Due for release this week on the Nintendo 3DS eShop fans of classic SEGA Consoles will be able to purchase home screen themes based upon the SEGA Megadrive, SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear and the SEGA Mark III.

As you may expect each theme takes inspiration from the console they are based upon; for instance the SEGA Game Gear theme features part of the console on the top screen while SEGA Master System has the iconic white and black cover casing as its main background.

Nintendo have not mentioned how much these retro themes will cost but they will be available to purchase from the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week.

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