SEGA Dreamcast receives a New Game; and it’s called Leona’s Tricky Adventures

It’s been fifteen years since the SEGA Dreamcast was discontinued, and it’s been thirteen years since the last official SEGA Dreamcast game was released in to the market and yet here we are in 2016 with a brand new game being released onto the console.

It’s known as Leona’s Tricky Adventures, a 2D adventure-based-puzzle-game that sees players attempting to match designs shown on the screen. It sounds sophisticated but judging from the initial gameplay footage (seen below) its actually pretty straight forward.

While the ‘puzzle matching’ gameplay is considered a ‘selling point’ of Leona’s Tricky Adventure there is a story to be had; and just like the old JPRG’s of yester-year players can control Leona around the map and talk to other characters who, in turn, will dish out these challenges.

So how did Leona’s Tricky Adventures all come out? Well it initially started life as a kickstarter two years ago – but ultimately failed – and over the past few years the small indie development styled team has managed to finalize the game and release it on to the SEGA Dreamcast.

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