SEGA Shoes Based on MegaDrive, Dreamcast and Saturn!

These stunning new SEGA themed shoes based on the classic MegaDrive, Dreamcast and Saturn designs have just been announced by Japanese sneaker brand “ANIPPON”.

SEGA MegaDrive Shoes:

sega megadrive shoes box packaging sega megadrive shoes view 1 sega megadrive shoes view 2 sega megadrive shoes view 3

SEGA Dreamcast shoes:

sega dreamcast shoes 1 sega dreamcast shoes 2 sega dreamcast shoes 3 sega dreamcast shoes packaging

SEGA Saturn shoes:

sega saturn shoes 1 sega saturn shoes 2 sega saturn shoes 3 sega saturn shoes packaging

Estimated to cost around 7,500 yen (£40 / US$62)

We will be listing the shoes on the site shortly – sign up here to be notified about them when they go on sale:

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