SegaSonic Bros; An Unreleased Sonic Arcade Game Discovered

During the past week a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog arcade game known as SegaSonic Bros has been discovered; however unlike the extremely rare Waku Waku Sonic Patrol that was discovered last year, this one was never released into the public domain.

The discovery of a brand new game, especially a SEGA related property, is always an exciting prospect; but over the course of the week some people were sceptical of the games legitimacy due to it’s unique gameplay and character choices.

The reason being is because SegaSonic Bros is actually a puzzle game, much like Puyo Puyo and Bubble Bobble, as it saw players chain together three (or more) lines of the same colour in order to progress forward.


SegaSonic Bros is pretty much a Puyo Puyo clone disguised as a Sonic the Hedgehog title; but what made this game more interesting, especially to fans of SEGA, is that three different coloured variations of sonic existed with each colour referring to a different coloured gem in the game.

When you sit back and take a look at the game it all makes sense; but in any event SegaSonic Bros never saw the light of day; that is until arcade board collector ShouTime found a copy of the game and began to make it playable; with plans for a MAME rom to be released in the coming months.

MAME titles can be played on the BLAZE TAB, JXD and GPD XD which are available to order at