Seven Creative Uses for Old Nintendo Hardware

When a console comes to the end of its life-cycle, or in a worst-case scenario breaks down, what do you do? Well to some people the answer would be to sell it at trade events or on eBay; but in some extremely rare cases people tend to modify the console and use it for something else.

It may seem like a bizarre thing to do; but after seeing our list of favourites you’ll soon realise its actually the best thing to do if you wish to keep the console around in your household.

NES Desktop Computer


Starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System, otherwise known as the NES, a keen enthusiast has converted his old NES Console into the ultimate small desktop PC.

The outer shell remains true to the NES Console; but its the inside which has been completely reworked. For starters the cartridge slot tray that was originally used for NES Cartridges has been replaced with a disc-drive and the controller ports have been swapped out for USB Ports.

It’s a clever, and relatively practical, conversion and to cement it even further a small Intel Inside logo has also been placed next to the USB Ports.

Super Famicom Tissue Box:


The outer-shell for the Super Famicom, otherwise known as the Super Nintendo (or SNES) within Europe, can be turned into all-sorts of useful accessories for use around the house; however in Japan one user opted to turn his Super Famicom into a tissue box.

Now, at first glance, this seems like a pretty disappointing way to use a much beloved Nintendo console, as Tissues usually come in a box themselves; however in Japan tissues are taken out of the box they come in and placed into a container. The reason being is that the container used to hold the tissues in would match the decor of the house; and so this was the idea behind this particular Super Famicom themed Tissue Box.

It’s not something that would commonly be done within the UK, Europe or even America; but you have to admit once achieved the results do look pretty good.

Super Famicom Tablet Dock: snes-famicom-tablet-dock

Continuing on with the theme of the Super Famicom, Instagram user Taisyo opted to turn his old Super Famicom Console into something a bit more practical; in this case a dock for his tablet.

The concept is that his tablet would slot into the game cartridge slot and allow it to stand up and charge. Of course we don’t know if the charging functionality works but it’s a useful way of turning your old (most likely broken) Super Famicom console into something a bit more practical; besides it would be a shame to just throw it away after all.

SNES Controller iPhone Dock:

snes-iphone-dockThe theme of turning old Nintendo Hardware into a charging dock of sorts seems to be a common theme amongst fans; as the next item is actually a Super Famicom, or more specifically a SNES Controller, turned into an iPhone Dock.

Unlike the Super Famicom console tablet dock mentioned above this SNES Controller dock isn’t as sturdy, as it is a flat light-weight controller after all; but it does offer that portability and highlight the fact that you are a fan of the SNES platform.

As you would expect this dock operates just like a regular dock would; so if connected to a PC, Mac or Power Socket the iPhone would charge and if not attached to any device it would simply be stood up and available for use.

SNES Controller Headphones:


Possibly the third most practical piece of equipment in this list are the SNES Controller themed headphones; as they can be used on a daily basis with any device you choose; including some mentioned in this list.

The idea behind these headphones is that the ‘circular’ areas of the SNES Controller have been removed and placed onto the ear-pods of the headphones themselves; so the general design and operation of the headphones remain the same.

The SNES Controller headphones make use of an old SNES Controller but over the past few years NES and SNES themed accessories have been becoming more widely available; so although this piece of home-made equipment is nice it’s not as special as others listed in this list.

Nintendo 64 Controller iPhone Dock: N64-Controller-iPhone-Dock

Moving away from the Super Famicom and the SNES we find that another fan has turned his old Nintendo 64 controller into an iPhone dock.

Unlike the previously mentioned SNES Controller this particular dock is sturdy, due to the controller’s unique design, however it is larger than a SNES controller so it’s not as portable.

Just like the aforementioned SNES Controller dock this device not only allows your phone to be accessible but if connected to a power outlet, or to a PC/MAC, it will charge the phone. It’s basically your traditional iPhone dock mounted into a N64 Controller; and the same applies to the SNES Controller dock, but in both cases they look better than your traditional iPhone dock.

GameBoy Cartirdge USB Drive: GameBoy-USB-Flash-Drive

The final creative use for old Nintendo hardware is non-other-than the GameBoy Cartridge USB Drive; and it’s also one of the most practical.

Why practical? Well it can be used daily and due to its portable size, and the possiblity of also turning it into a keyring, it can be used and taken where-ever you go.

Furthermore as these are ‘custom-built’ items you can choose which cartridge to use; for instance you could use a Pokemon or Zelda cartridge as opposed to the Mario cartridge that is shown in the picture.


In short there are lots of ways to turn an old, possibly even broke, piece of gaming hardware into something useful and practical; and this list just highlights some of the possibilities that can be done with Nintendo related hardware if you know how. Unfortunately we do not know how to transform and old piece of tech into something new; but if we did i’m sure we would give it a go!

Images via Matome.

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