Skin Care Clinic Uses Resident Evil Umbrella Logo To Hilarious Effect

Wesker to take over the world? More likely than you think.

Companies often outsource to design companies to handle their look. Not everyone can just up and make an entire brand on their own, so they need the help of creatively inclined individuals sometimes to get the ball rolling. But if you look in the wrong places to save some cash, you might just end up with a fictional mega-corporation responsible for the destruction of mankind representing your new start up.

Medcare Skin Centre in Ho Chi Minh City from Vietnam is one such company in this very situation. The company launched in Vietnam with a new website and advertisements across the city. Unaware that whoever they used to give them a sleek red and white design gave them something far more amusing to the public. A citizen took to Instagram after they noticed one of their advertisements as they were out and about in Ho Chi Minh.

Crazy right? Could this be some massive PR stunt from Capcom for something they are doing in Vietnam? More than likely not, it’s a bit hard to say. There are so news reports and posts around the Vietnamese internet space that confirms the existence of the Skincare facility, but even then all of that is still a bit dubious. Mashable did an extensive investigation of the legitimacy of this new company and found some interesting results that you can read here.

Whether or not the situation is the result of some odd PR, or just an unfortunate design choice remains to be seen. But it’s proven to be pretty amusing, could you imagine heading to your local dentist or GP to get a check up and the logo of the company response for the bloody T-Virus was in the background as someone welcomed you in? You’d high-tail it out of there and train to become Leon Kennedy.

For now, the company seems to have taken a step back and apologised for the issue. They’ve put their site into maintenance mode, but still accessible if you click here. Their Facebook page also sports a blank logo and nothing else. Bit of new design work in order!

Having talked about the Umbrella Corp logo, it seems to have garnered a bit of popularity since this whole situation! So if you’ve felt spured on to support the likes of Albert Wesker and the menace that is Umbrella, then consider grabbing our framed print of the very same logo! It’s a neat little piece that is a perfect fit for any office or home to show off how much you like Resident Evil, and given this little fiasco with the Skincare centre, it could serve as a good conversation topic!

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What do you think of this? Is it a big PR stunt? Or poor design company choice? Let us know in the comments down below.

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