Smart Boy Development Kit Announced by Hyperkin

Hyperkin, the creators of the Retron 5 console and numerous other retro-related-accessories, have recently announced the Smart Boy Development Kit for android smartphones; a small kit which allows Android owners to turn their Smartphone device into a GameBoy Colour console.

The idea is that GameBoy and GameBoy colour cartridges will be transferred to your Android phone by using the Smart Boy hardware attachment, which also attaches to the android phone to offer that authentic GameBoy experience, while the bundled in software will play the games and display them on your Android phones screen.

It’s an amazing piece of kit and you can register your interest for it at Funstock Retro.


How this is technically done has not yet to been explained; but it is a great way of replaying the original gameboy cartridges you own on your phone furthermore once the GameBoy cartridges have been transferred to your phone you won’t need them again; that is unless you want to play them on your original hardware.

The Smart Boy development kit is expected to work straight out of the box with all compatible android smartphones however those wishing to ‘tinker’ with the open-source-software are free to do so and in time a more authentic GameBoy experience for the SmartBoy will be created.


  • Open source serial app and firmware
  • Compatible with GB and GBC cartridges
  • Classic handheld-style tactile button set
  • Designed for Android smartphones
  • Double-sided micro USB port

Specs for Devs:

  • Atmel 90USB646
  • NTSC/PAL cart compatible
  • Phone Size: 5in-6in
  • SmartBoy Serial App Access for Mounting and Controller mapping
  • 4.4.4 Android KitKat OTG minimum OS requirement

The Smart Boy Development Kit for Android devices is expected to be available by the end of the year; with a more concrete date to be confirmed.

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