SNES Mini to be released this year!

SNES Mini? It’s more likely than you think!

According to credible sources, Nintendo is going to continue the ‘Classic Mini’ line with the likes of the SNES Mini. (Likely to be titled as such – Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System )

It’s interesting that this news has hit the scene after the recent discontinued order for the previous unit, the NES Classic Mini. Could the SNES Mini be the reason for this sudden death? Will we simply see a few classic Nintendo systems made into miniature versions to cash in on the precious nostalgia we all hold dear?

It can be argued that the SNES Mini could either do better than the NES Classic Mini or worse. It could better in the sense that the Super Nintendo has a vastly better and more recognisable catalogue of games to call back on for the device. But it could also tank in the sense that consumers could look past the unit because of the previous release that the NES Classic Mini saw. Where it was released for the holiday season in limited numbers and left with little support after the holiday season.

It’s interesting as well to consider how it’ll vary across the world. Japan got the Famicom Mini in place of the NES Classic. Could the SNES Mini go that much further? A Super Famicom Mini and area specific variants? The Super Nintendo had a different design here in the PAL regions compared to the states! That could lead to a whole new slew of collectability for Retro Gamers and as unfortunate as it is, scalpers as well.

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  • No Ta

    It is stupid, China already has the PAP- 1000. Nintendo should see these mini new as they are, that is cheap family entertainment. They are not cutting edge hard core machines.

    Nintendo should release a £ 80.00 console with Nes classic and SNes games built in, plus a cartridge slot. They will never kill the clones, but as the mini New classic proved, authentic sells if priced at family friendly prices.

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