SNES – The Best Retro Console Ever?

The SNES was the follow-up to the Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom, depending on where you lived. The SNES was called the Super Famicom and was released on November 21, 1990, in Japan, and proved to be a smash hit with the Japanese. The SNES would end up selling 49.1 million consoles worldwide. The SNES holds a special spot in many people’s hearts,  it’s easy to see why given the impressive power that it boasted over the competition.  Here are some of the reasons that the Nintendo SNES is still the king of the consoles!

16-bit War

The SNES had to be better than the Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom because this console saved the video game industry. However, the release of the SNES was different as there was no competition. There were many other systems, but Sega’s Genesis was the major competition, which started the 16-bit war. This competition pushed Nintendo to release more franchises and to start working on polygons for Star Fox, and a pre-rendered 3D model in Donkey Kong Country by talented developer, Rare. Both consoles had their own highlights, but a majority of people agree that the SNES was the overall king of the mountain, as do the numbers.

Some of the best games from Nintendo are on the SNES

In the box, Super Mario World came with the SNES and is still held as one of the best Mario games released. Super Mario World showed off what the console could do. Super Metroid is still one of the best Metroid games, and still being played and speed-runned today. The SNES is home to some of the best RPGs to date and in general, brought home console gaming to many people around the world. It stayed alive due to the massive library of fantastic titles.

The Start of Some of the Biggest Franchises

While Mario, Metroid, and Zelda all had sequels on the SNES, the SNES also was the start of many franchises and spin-off titles. One of these titles was Mario Kart, with Super Mario Kart. Mario Kart has been a huge part of Nintendo’s game library for all its consoles next to the Virtual Boy. Donkey Kong Country was also the first game in its popular franchise. Yoshi also got his own franchise on the SNES. Both franchises are still very popular, and their SNES games are called classics by many gamers. Star Fox was the first 3D shooter from Nintendo, but Nintendo kind of forgot about making games in this franchise for a long time! Which is a shame, as the Star Fox series is nothing but stellar.

Great Third-Party Games

Nintendo now does not have a lot of third-party games, but the SNES was full of them. We saw the release of Konami’s Super Castlevania IV and Capcom’s Mega Man X for the SNES. The SNES also has two of Square’s greatest games, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy III (or IV if you lived in Japan). To say the SNES had some of the best support would be a massive understatement, as it constantly pumped out some of the best titles and had developers from around the world wanting to make a game on the system


Even after 25 years, the SNES is still played by many people, children being introduced by their parents, to older gamers revisiting that youth and just taking a small trip back in time to one of their favourite eras. There are even clones of the SNES that work with modern TV’s so people can continue to play its games such as the Retro Freak and Retron 5 which you can purchase/pre-order from our store. Its library of games is home to many classics. Nintendo has a long history of changing the video game industry, and the SNES was another step forward for the company that would laid the foundation of video gaming as we know it.


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