Some Manic Has Put Bubsy The Bobcat In Streets Of Rage!

Bubsy is a character that I will defend to my very last breath. He’s awful. But such a fantastic level of awful that I can’t help but adore the cringy little bobcat. It’s basically the same love I have for the Zelda CD-i games or Superman 64. They’re that bad that I can’t help but love them.

For those unaware of who Bubsy is. He is the ‘cool and hip’ 90s mascot attempt from a company called Accolade. As was the course back in the day thanks to the likes of Sonic, you had every manner of a company trying to make the next big animal mascot. You had Aero the Acrobat to Gex the Gecko to name a few examples.


Wait... that's not Bubsy.

Wait… that’s not Bubsy.

While some of these created creatures are cult classics in their own right, Bubsy is in a league all his own. He’s got everything! Cat-titude and Purr-sonality, the best T-Shirt design, and some of the best catchphrases I’ve ever heard. Step aside Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ve been dethroned. No, I’ve not been drinking and am out of my mind. You shut up, Tom.

Anyway…. I seem to not be alone in my adoration for Bubsy and his silly brand of existence. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Bubsy the Bobcat in Streets of Rage 2.

This is a fantastic ROM Hack from Metal64 over on, who seems to have an obsession with putting various characters in Streets of Rage 2. I’m not sure why he does this – But I’m happy he does it and cannot wait to see what other crazy additions are added to the classic game through his work.

Who would you like to play as in Streets of Rage 2?


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