Somebody programmed their old Game Boy to pilot a drone!

Drones are the craze sweeping the world right now. Everyone and their mother wants one! It’s understandable why, as they are surprisingly entertaining to be honest! (Can provide a number of uses, such as interesting camera angles for film-makers and so forth.) Well, somebody decided they would take one of these new gadgets, and instead of using their mobile phone and some app to pilot it… they modded their Game Boy!

Gautier Hattenberger, a UAV (Unmanned Air Vehichle as the kids all it.) enthusiast decided he wanted to take his old Game Boy and fly his drone with it. You know, as we all have thought as one point. He covers the task of making the Game Boy drone ready, to which it was not as easy as the thought was to come with. Click here to read about his detailed coverage of the Drone and Game Boy struggle combination!

The fun with playing around with old Game Boys and other hardware is that much of the documentation is available online, allowing for a community that creates music and software on the old devices. However, for those like Hattenberger, who wanted to try something new, there’s a lot that he had to work around. The classic Game Boy especially is a challenge, since the documentation is incomplete, leaving enthusiasts to fill in the blanks.

There is actually quite an active Game Boy modding community in the world if you look around! Users often like to create new music, software, and in some cases brand new games! The classic Game Boy provides a list of challenges for the modding community actually, as a large majority of the classic unit is incomplete in terms of some code and basic documentation.

To change his Game Boy into the a drone flying machine, he turned the Game Link port into a USB port using a Arduino (an open-source electronic platform) and FTDI semiconductor combination. Enabling the use of communication with his laptop and his drone running software. What do you guys think? Would you turn your Game Boy into a drone flying machine?

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