Someone Got Emulation Working On An Android Watch!

Emulation on things like the Apple Watch or Android Wear can be a bit tricky. It’s not even the fact that you are dealing with a crazy small screen and area to work with for the emulation to function, but moreso the specs of the watches in question. Emulation isn’t exactly the supported method of use when they had the watches in mind. But thankfully there are people in the world who want to get the visual on what it would look like to get something like Super Mario 64 working on such a tiny device. Well, someone has done it at last! The results are impressive as well.

Youtuber Hacking Jules showed off his LG G Watch playing Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These titles in particular are some of the more graphic intensive games to run and were used to showoff the ground breaking capabilities of the Nintendo 64. It’s just astounding to see the level of gameplay going on with the tiny screen, granted there is a deal of frame rate drops here and there, but given the system the emulation is happening on, it’s to be expected of such a device. The best part to take away from this is just the advancements done with this sort of hacking.

Think about it, when we were younger, the idea of having an entire N64 game on your wrist was insane. Now we are reaching a stage where handhelds like the Vita and 3DS are able to bring about near enough PS3 levels of gameplay in the palm of your hand. It’s mind blowing to think where the technology will take us in the years to come.


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