Someone got Light Gun games working on a modern TV!

Technology is pretty cool! How we manage to get older tech to communicate with more modern tech is always a challenge! Chipos81, a talented software modifier and general tech guru has solved the age old problem of using Light Guns on non CRT TV units. It’s always been something the retro gaming community has taken a massive interest in, and to see the issue solved is one for the ages! The process of how everything works is broken down in the video, as well as giving a nice lesson on how Light Gun games and functionality actually work. It’s a really interesting watch, check it out down below!

The actual process is pretty complicated to replicate, however a guide has been made by the man himself. It’s not perfect, he admits. If enough interest is there however, he will expand upon it and attempt to make the guide a bit more user friendly. It’s a pretty interesting thing to read about to see just what sort of technical wizardy goes behind such a process. Click here to read the guide!

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