sonic adventure dreamcast browser

Sonic Adventure Dreamcast Browser Website Recreated

The SEGA Dreamcast may have been considered unsuccessful during it’s life-span but it did bring a selection of new ideas to the table; one of which was the systems built-in modem that, if subscribed to an Internet Service Provider, would allow you to connect to the internet and browse websites like you would on a computer.

Today this ‘internet connectivity’ is something we all take for granted; but back then it was a wonderful piece of hardware. Of course that wasn’t the only thing the SEGA Dreamcast did as some games came with online fuctions, such as leaderboards or online multiplayer; while other games featured a specialized Dreamcast-compatible website for the game you were playing.

One of these games was Sonic Adventure; the flagship piece of software for the console, and over the past few months someone has managed to recreate the experience and make it available for everyone to see. It’s unclear as to why someone would do this, other than preserve a piece of gaming history, and nor do we believe that it would be accessible through a Dreamcast unit – but it does work and it allows those who experienced it first hard to rekindle their memories of Dreamcast gaming.

Unfortunately not all elements of the website work, such as the Dreamcast Chat functionality; but elements which made the site useful, such as hints and tips, remain intact.Furthermore it is a nice look at a piece of gaming that many of us would have missed.

You can play SEGA Dreamcast games on the GPD XD, BLAZE TAB and JXD which are available to order at