Sonic Mania Release Date Confirmed For Console & PC

SEGA is back on the horse with Sonic Mania, a Retro Gaming love letter to the classic Sonic experience of yesteryear. Set to release for just about every platform out there on August 15th of 2017. More importantly, the trailer is one of the best experiences that SEGA has ever delivered. 

Sonic Mania is the game we’ve all wanted as classic Sonic fans. A cleaner hyper stylised version of the Sonic we all know. Cleaner sprites, brighter colours, sharp visuals, but an experience that more or less keeps the mechanics the same. Sidescrolling speedster goodness with a fresh coat of paint, pretty much.

The man we have to thank for Sonic Mania.

SEGA realise this now and have given the reigns over to the community. The people who know what they’d like and are talented enough to make it happen. No focus on Hedgehog to Princess relationships with an edgy story. Developed by Sonic enthusiast and porting master Christian Whitehead, alongside the likes of Pagoda West Games and Headcannon. But more impressive is how far they are going with the involvement of the community for Sonic Mania.

The trailer features a style, not unlike the Sonic OVA and Sonic CD cutscenes we’ve seen before. Animated by illustrator Tyson Hesse of Boxer Hockey fame, he’s no stranger to working with SEGA or even the Sonic franchise. He previous did artwork for the cover of the one-shot comic Sonic Mega Drive. But one of the best things Tyson has ever done is the thing that got him noticed by SEGA in the first place.

He worked on an amazing Sonic satire comic between a break of working on his webcomic Boxer Hockey. A tongue and cheek jab at the series that popularised such memes as ‘Nipples The Enchilada’ that even the Sonic social media team uses to this day. You can read the comic here, and we suggest you do. It’s hilarious.

SEGA have gone all out, from getting popular indie developers to help create Sonic Mania, to community loved illustrators to animate and create artwork for the game. They even included some neat little references in the trailer, a sample of what we can most likely expect from the retail release of the game. A quirky little title that gives a big thank you to the community that made the blue blur what he is to this day.

Check out the trailer down below.

Sonic Mania is out August 15 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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