Sonic The Hedgehog Is Now 26 Years Old!

Birthday Hog

June 23rd, 1991. That was the day that Sonic the Hedgehog graced the world, in North America anyway. Japan and Europe would see the blue blur later in July. While he has been a bit off for some as of late, Sonic and his impact on the gaming world cannot be understated. He introduced a whole generation to the joy of Platforming, with an edge. Sonic gave the people felt that Mario was a bit too soft for them someone to root for.

Each release of a Sonic game was always welcome with cheers and enjoyment back during the Mega Drive days. A lot of us have gone on continue to support the Blue Blur, whether it’s just remembering him fondly by going back to his games from time to time or more extensive measures. Fanart, animations, fan games, fanfictions. If there is any measure of fan anything, then you can bet that Sonic The Hedgehog has had it.

While some have left the boat back during the modern console era thanks to games like Sonic 2006, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces seem to be a step in the right direction of bringing Sonic back to his former glory, appeasing the fans who enjoy the classic and modern era. The fact that Sonic is still around even after 26 years, it’s very refreshing to know. Personally, the Blue Blur has always been a figurehead in the gaming world. Here is hoping for his triumphant return!

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All and all, we’re pleased to see that Sonic has done so well for himself. What are some of your favourite memories with Sonic? Where did you start in the series? We’ve discovered that everyone seems to have a different entry that they started with! We met someone at PLAY Expo who started with Sonic’s education school game, think it was called Sonic’s Schoolhouse? Talk about a crazy starting point for Sonic!

Here is to another set of great years for Sonic! Hopefully with less Human X Hedgehog kissing and more fun gameplay! 

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