Sonic The Hedgehog Meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?!

Everyone remembers Sonic Riders to some degree. You know, that old hoverboarding Sonic game with the weird art style where half a character was shaded by lines? It didn’t exactly perform well because they didn’t do the obvious thing, which was to just do a Jet Set Radio X Sonic The Hedgehog crossover. Duh. 

But before Sonic Riders, there was a different company with no affiliation to Sonic Team that tried to get their own hedgehog hoverboarding game starring the Blue Blur approved by the higher ups at SEGA.

That company was called Vision Scape. They had their hand in a few kids TV show properties and they also created 3D animation for clients, with staff that produced animated TV shows in the past. One such company they animated for was SEGA, as they were contracted to animate cutscenes for their upcoming Sonic Heroes game at the time. Thus, giving them a bit of a foot in the door with SEGA.

So with their access to assets from their work with Sonic Heroes, they took the models for Sonic and Shadow and made a skateboarding prototype to bring to the head honchos up at SEGA and see if they would take the project on. It’s a pretty interesting series of events that would lead to the creation of the prototype and how the creation of games can go. There are a variety of ideas from studios that often go through the ringer in terms of development, and it’s always interesting to see what makes the light of day and what does not.

But don’t let us explain it, instead sit back and relax. Let Unseen64 take you through the development of the game and how Vision Scape tried to bring about a Tony Hawk meets Sonic The Hedgehog experience to the world.

What are your thoughts on this project? Would you of played a Sonic The Hedgehog x Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater love child?

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