Sonic The Hedgehog ROM Hack Sees Sonic Boom Content Added

Sonic Boom, the latest variation of the Sonic franchise, has often been criticised for it’s unusual character designs and in-game vocal talent but what would happen if these designs were placed into an original Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Drive / Genesis game?

Well that’s a question modder VAdaPEGA wanted to find out; as he managed to modify the original Sonic The Hedgehog ROM to include audio sound files and character designs from the not so popular Sonic Boom franchise, and the results were quite interesting.


As part of the hack slight changes have been made to the overall game; for starters characters designs for both Sonic and Dr Robnoik (Eggman) have been changed to their Sonic Boom appearences and both characters will sprout dialogue from the Sonic Boom franchise when attacking or being hit.

It’s an unusual hack to do; but it does give us an idea on what Sonic Boom may have looked like if released onto a SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis console. The alternative aspect of this hack however highlights what one could expect if voice-overs were present in the original Sonic The Hedgehog games.

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