Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Chaos Emeralds” – Greatest Retro Power-Ups Ever Countdown 20 of 20

Here begins a countdown of the best Retro gaming power ups EVER – Have any suggestions we’ve not mentioned yet? Comment below and let us know!

Okay, first up is of course, Sonic with “Chaos Emeralds”, remember these beauties? These were the sparkly barriers between you and completing 100% of the game in the first Sonic.

You may remember that in the first Sonic, collecting the emeralds gave you an alternative ending with some nice scenery to look at, yawn! In Sonic 2 however, collecting the emeralds along with 50 Gold rings transformed your spiky haired friend into SUPER SONIC! This meant that he could jump higher and he was coloured gold, it was pretty cool. Although Sonic was springier than ever, he still wasn’t invincible, he was still susceptible to falling off the edge of the levels, drowning and crushing.

super-sonic super-sonic-2

This only meant that Sonic would get even better further on in the series right? Hyper Sonic was introduced in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, he was stronger, faster, could breathe under water and flashed with the colours from the Chaos Emeralds! He was unlocked by collecting the entire first set of Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 3 as well as the second “super” set in the Sonic and Knuckles segment.

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