Sonic Utopia – An Open World Sonic Game! (With Video)

Open World games are some of the greatest games ever. Grand Theft Auto set the tone for the Open World genre and soon many similar titles came out of the wood work from True Crime to Crackdown. However popular pop culture and existing game franchises have managed to find a level of crazy success from it as well, such Simpsons Hit and Run for example. Now one series one would not expect to tackle this genre would be Sonic The Hedgehog. SEGA hasn’t done this sort of game either, despite their dips into the 3D game landscape. So what happens? Dedicated Fans step in. Presenting… Sonic Utopia!


It’s not a finished product just yet, however the developers have been hard at work at bringing a fully realised open world Sonic The Hedgehog experience to the masses. So far it’s looking really good! With the mechanics seeming to be rather in depth, and Sonic being on point in terms of design and astethic. All in all the game seems to be on the fast track to becoming one of the many solid fan games out there in the wild! Thankfully SEGA are fully supportive of fan games, unlike Nintendo who are often quick to take down anything using their properties. With the right level of focus and development, it’ll be interesting to see just what happens with Sonic Utopia!

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