Speedrunner Offers Reward for Detailing Super Mario 64 Warp Glitch

A youtube speed-runner, by the name of pannenkoek2012,  is currently offering anyone $1000 with a detailed explanation on how to replicate a glitch someone else discovered in Super Mario 64.

The glitch itself saw Mario warped to the top of a platform in Tick Tock Clock and thus avoiding all of the enemies and complex platforms around that particular area of the map. To everyone else this could be a simple glitch that just occurs randomly in the game; but to pannenkoek2012 he wants to find a way of replicating it so that it can be used to get a better – more faster – time in the game. As a result of this pannenkoek2012 is now offering a reward to anyone who can not only explain how it happened, but how it can be replicated at will.

It’s an interesting glitch; but as speed runners will know its not the only one available in the game.

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