Stair Quest – Free Sierra Entertainment Inspired Game!

Sierra made some fantastic adventure games back in the day. I serious cannot name a number of times I got lost in all of their classics. They always had those stairs, though – You know the ones, where if you made the slightest movement, any twitch press of a key, you’d be dead. It was one of the more frustrating elements from the games that they did. Yet part of the charm.

So someone made a game that pretty much tapped into the spirit of that gameplay mechanic. The results are shocking in how perfectly they’ve recreated that classic Sierra feel. It’s nothing short of exemplary in terms of the nail-biting gameplay too. You’ve also got many wonderful text-based segments thrown in for good measure, it’s clear the creators put a lot of care and love into this project.

Don’t take our word for it – You can play the game for free! Click here to download it and give it a go!

What were your favourite Sierra Entertainment games?


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