Star Fox Zero to feature an Unlockable Retro Arwing

Nintendo have revealed that Star Fox Zero, the Wii U installment into a long-line of Star Fox (otherwise known as Star Wing and Lylat Wars) titles, will contain the original Super Nintendo variation of the Arwing.

This ‘Retro’ variation will offer players the same visual experience that Star Fox (America) and Star Wing (Europe) players on the Super Nintendo discovered several decades ago. The design isn’t pretty, as it is simply a blue and grey triangle; but it brings back a lot of nostalgia for those that enjoyed the game back in its day.

star fox zero retro arwing

Unfortunately in order to actually use this ‘Retro Arwing’ Star Fox Zero players will need to own the Fox McLoud Amiibo; one of the very first Amiibo’s which launched alongside Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Those who do own the Fox McLoud Amiibo will be to unlock the Retro Arwing by simply tapping the base of the Amiibo onto the Wii U Gamepad to which the Retro Arwing will become accessible for use within the game.

Those wishing to use the Retro Arwing on a regular basis will have to do this each time they want to use it; so you will need to keep the Amiibo close by. As mentioned the Retro Arwing offers the same visuals and sounds that players experienced in the original SNES game; however this Arwing also comes with another secret. In Star Fox Zero the arwing can transform into a robot, a feature which originally made its debut in the cancelled SNES game Star Fox 2, and this retro arwing uses the same designs for its robot that were found in Star Fox 2 – so it’s a nice throwback to fans of the original.

star fox zero retro arwing robot

The Retro Arwing won’t be the only unlockable piece of content either; as Nintendo have also confirmed that Star Fox Zero will feature other Amiibo unlockables. What exactly these will be remain to be seen; however a Falco Amiibo was recently released so he may also unlock additional content in the game.

Star Fox Zero is available to pre-order at; meanwhile Star Fox (Star Wing) can be played on the Retron 5 which is available to order at