Street Fighter V Getting Classic Street Fighter Content!

Classic content for the new generation of fighters!

The latest DLC for Street Fighter V will see the introduction of some neat throwbacks to the past games. Some characters got their classic costumes from the games they were introduced in, and the costumes look quite nice!

Juri is getting her Street Fighter VI outfit, Alex and Ibuki will be rocking their Third Strike clothes, and the classic Ken and Ryu that were in the story mode will now be playable outfits as well. The last one is a bit confusing considering they were already in the game’s code, but maybe they wanted to save it to help give life to the classic package DLC.

The real star of the update is the addition of Suzaku Castle, a level that any classic Street Fighter fan will know very well. It was previously featured as a stage for Super Smash Bros when they announced Ryu as a fighter. The Street Fighter V version has some serious shine and is a treat to look at, but more importantly, it’s good to see Capcom embracing their roots. The series has a plethora of characters and stages they can use for future content.

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Excited by this news? What would you like Capcom to do with Street Fighter V? New fighters? Stages? More focus on story? Let us know in the comments down below!

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