Streets Of Rage, Altered Beast, And More Are Coming To The Big Screen!

We’ve seen many big screen adaptations of Video Game franchises recently haven’t we?

From great films like Rachet and Clank to the still to be judged Assasins Creed film to serve as an example. Each game seems to be getting a fair shake at having their own break in the entertainment scene, heck, even Dead Rising got a movie! So it’s good to see that the industry is willing to look past trainwrecks like the now cult classic Super Mario Bros movie.

SEGA is the latest company to throw their hat the ring! Taking with them some of the best franchises they have, they are going to be making sure some of these Retro classics get their fair shake in the big leagues of entertainment.

Which franchises are getting the spotlight? Quite a number of SEGA classics.

Would you watch a Streets of Rage film? We know we would.

Would you watch a Streets of Rage film? We know we would.

SEGA have teamed up with a few companies to make this dream happen. Stories International, Circles of Confusion and executive producers behind the Walking Dead show to name a few. These companies and teams will be working with SEGA to produce as they put it “Filmed entertainment adaptations” of classic SEGA franchises, confirmed so far are Streets of Rage and Altered Beast.

Now, this could be either a Movie or TV show, it’s still up in the air right now. But seeing as Marvel have been doing well with both TV and Film, it’s no shock to see some other companies give their own hand at creating an extended little universe of their own. We could have a Streets of Rage TV series, and a Altered Beast movie for example! Wouldn’t that be pretty neat?

SEGA are currently in talks to bring some of their other franchises such as Golden Axe, Crazy Taxi, Shinobi, House of the Dead and more to the world of TV and film. Attempting to branch partnerships with major film studios, filmmakers, and producers to bring the SEGA vision to English speaking territories around the world to enjoy. Thankfully it seems like the parties involved seem to care about the SEGA properties in question.

Circles of Confusion’s Lawrence Mattis stated: “These are some of the most well loved SEGA games, and we are thrilled to be working with Stories to adapt them into major film and television franchises.”

Stories CEO Tomoya Suzuki added: “With Lawrence and his team at Circle of Confusion, we are beyond excited to work alongside them to develop and produce these projects. We look forward to seeing the Centurion from ‘Altered Beast’ rise from his grave, and the ‘Streets of Rage’ heroes Adam, Axel and Blaze fight to take their city back on a screen near you.”

What do you guys think of this news? Pretty exciting, right?

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  • Pedro Ferreira

    It would only be exciting if I had the chance to make a Streets of Rage movie. I could do a good job.