Super Famicom Switch Skin – Best Nintendo Switch Skin Ever?

We recently ran a nice little post on our Facebook page and found that plenty of you are still Nintendo Switch lovers, even after launch. It’s nice to hear that Nintendo is getting somewhere with their new console this time around, while the jury is still out for some, we earnestly hope but nothing for the best for the big N.

One way to win the hearts of the people who grew up with them is to give as many nods to us as possible. They’ve done it before, releasing Retro skinned versions of their consoles such as the 3DS XL. We’ve seen plenty of fan made designs for the Nintendo Switch, such as a Gamecube variant and much more.

The latest fan made design to the internet is one of the best yet, and really showcases what Nintendo could capitalise on if they released something like this Super Famicom Switch Skin!

Check out the gallery down below.

Looks pretty rad right? We’d love a variant of the Switch that looked like this! It’s a perfect fit for the console and would help us Retro Gamers feel a  bit more at home with the latest offering from Nintendo! Credit to our friends over at Nintendo Life for this fantastic find!

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