Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Levels Beaten Simultaneously

The internet can be a wonderful thing when it comes to retro gaming discoveries; sometimes we see unreleased consoles being discovered and modified to work, such as the Super Playstation CD, while other times we see already released games being modified to run user generated content, such as the Flappy Bird Hack in Super Mario World.

Well today we’ve recently seen an interesting selection of videos that see every single level from Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Bros 3, being beaten at the same time.  This doesn’t mean that someone is playing all ninety or so levels at once; it just means that all of the levels are being shown on screen at once.

The idea came from Viktor Bohush whereby he compiled speed-runs of each level found within Super Mario Bros 3 and placed them into a single video; afterwhich another Youtube user Verneri Kontto opted to do the same but this time with the original Super Mario Bros. The videos are quite interesting to watch; and it means that you can see the entire game completed within a matter of minutes.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros 3

You can play Super Mario Bros on the BLAZE TAB, JXD and GPD XD; all of which are available to order at; alternatively if you own the original cartridge you can play it on the Retron 5.