Super Mario Bros World Record Beaten by 0.66 milliseconds

A new world record has been set on the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Super Mario Bros; beating the previous world record by 0.66 miliseconds.

The time, 4 minutes, 57 seconds and 627 milliseconds (4:57:627), was achieved by Twitch and Youtube Speedrunner Darbian and beats the previous world record set by i_o_l in 2014 by just over half a second.

Despite setting the fastest completion time ever achieved in Super Mario Bros Darbian believes, as posted on reddit, that his time can be improved upon by getting better in certain areas of the more; more specifically level 4-2.

“The biggest remaining time save is to add in the faster method of doing level 4-2; This method of doing 4-2 saves 21 frames (0.35s), but is extremely difficult.”

It’s also worth pointing out that this Speedrun was achieved on an original NES Console rather than an emulation device. You can see the speedrun in full in the video below.

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