Super Mario Maker: Create Your Own Desktop Wallpaper

When Super Mario Maker released last year onto the Wii U it sparked much interest from fans and developers alike; but what you may not have heard is that on the Japanese Nintendo Website you can create your own Mario themed desktop wallpaper.

Originally launched in order to promote the release of Super Mario Maker in Japan this website can allow users to create their own desktop wallpapers by using a variety of tools that would usually be found within the game. Enemies such as Goomba’s and Koopa’s can be placed alongside coin blocks and green pipes and more notably Bowser himself can be placed into your creation.

Just like in the Wii U game users can also change the appearance of their design, with Super Mario Bros (NES), Super Mario World (SNES) and New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U) being available, as well changing the location of the background from World 1 to Bowsers castle.

For such a small website application it is quite complex and offers a fair amount of variety; furthermore once you have finished designing the level you can then save it for use as a desktop background and share it online through Twitter and Facebook.

Interested in making your own? Then here is a quick guide to get you through the process:

Step 1: Visit the Japanese Super Mario Maker Website:


Step 2: Choose your preferred device and screen resolution:


Step 3: Click on the Mario items you wish to use (located at the top) and click them into the checkered boxes (the eraser at the bottem of the screen can be used to delete items you do not want):


Step 4: Upon finishing your design click on the big button (located below the eraser button) to save and download your image:


Step 5: Marvel at your creation and share with your friends:


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