Super Mario Odyssey Gets Turned Into Grand Theft Mario!

So the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey turned a lot of heads in the gaming scene. Why? Mario and his disproportionate appearance, that’s why. We were treated to a massive city with obviously human characters in a 1950s style roaming about, and then out comes bite sized Mario! Tiny tiny Mario! Seriously, what gives? Mario is a plumber and is supposed to be the average Joe. But when is walking around with the common folk, he’s actually a dwarf!

Seriously! Why is he so small?! Maybe he just needs a mushroom…

A lot of people online were miffed by this new look at Mario, especially considering the size Sonic was compared to the humans in Sonic Adventure. It just didn’t make sense. So what did the internet do? What it does best of course! MOD THINGS!

Thankfully it didn’t stop with a simple Mario in GTA IV mod – Popular Youtuber CrowbCat went ahead and took footage of the GTA IV Mod and paired it together with Super Mario Odyssey music. The results are nothing short of hilarious and make me wish it was actually coming to the Nintendo Switch

What do you make of this neat mod? Would you play Super Mario Theft Auto? I know I would.


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