Super Mario Run – Worth It?

Super Mario Run has released and everyone is buzzing about it right now. You see, for a good number of years Nintendo and the words ‘Mobile Game’ would of been considered rather taboo by many people within the games industry. The Big N has always been rather adamant that they are against jumping to unproven territory or just a bit stubborn when it comes to adapting to the times. As much as it may be disliked, there is a heavy base of Mobile gaming out there in the world and so many companies are doing quite well with their projects. 

Keep in mind that Nintendo is the same company that held their properties close to their chest as much as possible, with the failure of the Super Mario Bros movie and Phillips CDI games, it’s safe to say they want to make sure their properties are well protected and not abused in any shape or form. They’ve always been a company that are against branching out if there is a risk.

But with the likes of Pokemon Go, Fire Emblem characters being included in the latest Project X Zone, a joint game with Capcom and Namco, to of course – Super Mario Run. It seems Nintendo has turned over a new leaf.

Mario played with just one touch, who would of thought it?

Mario played with just one touch, who would of thought it?


Showcasing a fun style of one touch gameplay in which might seem like a disaster on paper, the actual gameplay is so rock solid and enjoyable that it’s actually a bit mind blowing to be honest! I picked up Super Mario Run and expected to be quite frustrated with the experience by the end of the day however found I was feeling quite the opposite. You won’t find yourself at odds with the game, but rather addicted, as most mobile games tend to try and educe the feeling of from you.

The game isn’t exactly a stretch though, and you can breeze through the base game in around an hour. Maybe less if you have a hidden skill for Super Mario Run that you weren’t aware of. But that’s not the meat of the game, the meat of Super Mario Run is like how all mobile games tend to try and be, and come through it’s social elements. The challenges that you can do with your friends and around the world. Take on your friends times through levels and much more! So don’t worry about losing interest, however Nintendo will have to start pumping some updates out quite soon if they don’t want a repeat of Pokemon Go.

Early signs are good though. I at least knew something was special when I sat at my table at our recent Christmas party this night and half of my table was actually playing the game, and you know what? They all seemed quite pleased with everything. Sadly I had left my phone at my hotel room, but watching my co-workers play Mario on their mobile phones and enjoy each and every second was as if I had been transported to my youth where the very same happened with my childhood friends, but we were sat in front of a large CRTV playing on the SNES for the first time.

Nintendo has created a truly special game here, and while they will have to battle quite hard to keep that intial base, they seem to be on the right track at the very least.

What do you think? Is Super Mario Run worth the asking price?


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