Super Nintendo CD Boot Rom Discovered

The Super Nintendo CD, an unreleased console which saw Sony partner up with Nintendo, has been a hot discussion amongst retro collectors ever since a working prototype was discovered last year; and now over the past few days a working Boot Room file has also been discovered.

For those unfamiliar with the Super Nintendo CD, otherwise known as Nintendo Playstation; it was expected to be Sony’s first debut into the console market; a console which would accept SNES (Super Famicom) cartridges, play CD’s and feature controllers based upon the Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) Console. Alas this concept never came to be released publicly as Sony opted to release their own console; otherwise known as the Sony Playstation.

super nintendo cd

Last year a working prototype of the Super Nintendo CD was discovered, as illustrated above, and while its owner managed to play Super Nintendo cartridges on the console he never managed to operate the CD side of the console due to a lack of any compatible software.

For now this ‘Super Nintendo CD’ side of the console has remained a mystery, with the core files kept locked away in the console; but as of last week that mystery has been partially solved; as our friends at RetroCollect explain.

Early this morning we were greeted with an anonymous email containing a screenshot of the ‘SuperDisc’ BIOS screen and a link to download a file named SDBR_v0.95.sfc.

Curious, we quickly downloaded the file and jumped to the nearest Super Nintendo emulator we could find and began testing. To our amazement an identical image to that seen in photographs of the prototype’s reveal in Hong Kong began animating on the screen.

The article goes on to explain that after some testing, including a test with an EverDrive Flash device and an console, the Super Nintendo CD Boot Rom file they received from an anonymous e-mail works and appears to be the legitimate boot screen found on the Super Nintendo CD console when trying to load CD based games.

Whether this Boot Rom file is real, or an extensively detailed hoax, remains to be confirmed; but as things stand it is the first step of allowing everyone to experience to core console of the Super Nintendo CD without actually owning one.

Source: RetroCollect

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