World Class Rugby – Super Nintendo Saturday

I wasn’t even a rugby fan when I first played this, but the dodgy guy who used to come round to our road every Sunday with his bootload of games to rent didn’t have much on this week so I gave this a whirl for some bizarre reason, and it was a gamble that paid off! Developed by the little known Denton Designs and released in 1993, it’s a simple little title which provides you with the easiest form of rugby I’ve ever had the pleasure to play.

The in-game action looks NOTHING like this

With a nice sense of humour with it’s anime-like characters in it’s menu screens and title, it’s a simple game to pick up even for a non-rugby fan like myself. Once I figured out I couldn’t throw the ball forward, I was off!!! And it really is a simple fun game to play. Pick your team, pick your colours, get out on the pitch. No messing about.


You can play in straight up friendlies or tournaments and whilst the game can provide a bit of a challenge, it’s never so hard to want to tear your hair out. 3 buttons control the direction in which to throw the ball, the 4th button allows you to dive. Simples.

That’s gonna hurt in the morning!

It was all international teams, with no real names but it didn’t matter. You could change them if you REALLY had to. Didn’t matter to me anyway, I wouldn’t have known who the hell was who. I picked this up recently at a Video Games Market, and when I set it up on my SNES and got to playing, it was like I was 20 years younger. A wonderful sports title which is well worth a… punt. *Dives for cover*

So lonely…

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