Super Retro Trio – Everything You Need To Know

Play your Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive games on ONE console!

Retro Trio with Carts 1-440x440
The Super Retro Trio is a three in one retro games console capable of playing your original NES, SNES (and Super Famicom!) and MegaDrive (and Genesis) cartridges. You can store one of your favourite cartridges in the system at all times and easily change consoles at the flick of a switch. 


Includes 2 ‘SNES’ style controllers


The package includes two ‘SNES’ style game controllers or you can use your original controllers if you prefer. You can also use any controller on any format – so you could enjoy a run on Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA Mega Drive using an SNES controller or play Super Mario on the SNES using an NES controller!


A multitude of controller inputs and region switching options


The Super Retro Trio will play games from all regions (yes, that includes PAL!) and we’ve tested it on 50+ different games with out a hitch. The only minor issues we have come across are games running slightly faster than previously expected (this is the absolute minority of cartridges we tested 1/2 in 50+).


Connects to your TV via S-Video / A/V


You connect the console to your TV using S-Video or A/V and you only need one set of cables (included).

Features overview:

  • Compatible with original and third party controllers
  • Includes 2 controllers
  • AV / S-Video connectors
  • AC Adapter
  • PAL / NTSC / PF / NJ Region Switch (a very small percentage of PAL titles will play at 60HZ and run at a higher speed)
  • Manufacturer by Retro Bit

The Retro Bit Super Retro Trio is available now: