Super Retro TRIO – Frequently Asked Questions

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The Super Retro TRIO plays your original NES, SNES, and Mega Drive carts from all regions – and there are a few interesting things of note that all users of the device should be aware of.

We’ve answered a few of the common questions we’re asked on this page – hopefully it should also be helpful to anyone who’s considering picking one up. Please not that we’re largely dealing with the PAL version of the Retro TRIO on this page, not the North American version of the device.

Q. Does the TRIO play games from all regions?

Yes, via a region switch on the outside of the console.

Q. Which platforms are supported?

Mega Drive, Genesis, NES, SNES, and Super Famicom. The Famicom is not supported – the cartridges won’t fit into the NES slot.

Q. Does the PAL version of the Retro TRIO resolve the previous compatibility problems with PAL games that the NTSC device suffered?

Yes, the European device is designed to resolve those issues.

Q. Does the PAL Super Retro TRIO come with a UK power supply?

No – as stated on the product listing, you will still need to pick up a US-to-UK adapter – these can be purchased cheaply online, or from most supermarkets.

Q. Can PAL games limited to 50Hz on original hardware be forced into 60Hz on a Super Retro TRIO?

Yes, although we can’t guarantee that games you might force into a higher framerate will run flawlessly.

Q. Can the Retro TRIO play Everdrive cartridges?

Yes, although we no longer retail Everdrive carts on our site and are unable to recommend alternative retailers. We don’t offer technical support on compatibility between TRIO consoles and Everdrive carts.

Q. Do you have to use the supplied controllers that come with the Retro TRIO?

No – they’re pretty good as far as replica controllers go, but there are ports for original controllers. The system is also compatible with multitap devices.

Q. What visual outputs does the Retro TRIO offer?

The Retro TRIO comes with A/V and S-video connectors – for best visual quality, go for S-video on a CRT TV. There is no HDMI option for the TRIO out of the box – if you want to play your retro carts in upscaled HD, we’d recommend a Retron 5.

Q. Does the Super Retro TRIO play unlicensed games?

Yes – if it worked on original hardware, it should work on a TRIO, although we can’t guarantee 100% compatibility.

Q. Does the Super Game Boy adapter work on the Retro TRIO? How about the GBA-to-SNES adapter?

Both work – we don’t sell Super Game Boys, but we do sell GBA-to-SNES adapters here. Other similar adapters that function with original hardware should also work, although again, we’re unable to guarantee 100% compatibility with all devices.

Q. Does the Super Retro TRIO support the Sega Power Base Converter for Master System games via the Mega Drive port?

Yes – although, as above, we don’t retail the PBC ourselves as we only sell new hardware. For officially-licensed adapters that are no longer in production, we recommend looking at eBay etc.

Q. Does the Retro TRIO support saving?

It supports save-to-cart features – so if you can save the game on original hardware, you can save it on a TRIO. There is no additional system-based save feature, unlike the Retron 5.

Q. Which is better – the Retron 5 or the Super Retro TRIO? Should I just get a Retron 5?

Not necessarily – it’s hard to say which is “better” as the consoles do some key things very differently. It depends what you’re looking for – take a look at this article.

Q. Can you use a capture kit to record gameplay footage from a Super Retro TRIO?

Yes – example below (using an Elgato Game Capture HD) via the A/V in port:

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  • Damn-Deal-Done

    I can not get my PAL retro-trio to output my PAL games to 60hz.

  • Pasi Järviö

    I have problem with Donkey Kong Country NTSC-J game on PAL-version of the SRT. It says: “This game pack is not designed for your Super Famicom or Super Nes.” Can I do anything?

    • Pasi Järviö

      And it’s a Super Famicom version of the DKC.

  • Gino Domarchi

    I have the same with USA NTSC Super Metroid on my PAL Retro Trio. Don´t know what to do.

  • Bob Gamble

    Q. Do you have to use the supplied controllers that come with the Retro TRIO?

    No – they’re pretty good as far as replica controllers go, but there are ports for original controllers. The system is also compatible with multitap devices.

    • Bob Gamble

      my multitap doesnt work with the retro trio so that wasn’t right . my suggestion to you is try it out dont just say it works when it doesn’t

    • pupypup

      I know this is three years ago, but i can confirm, multitaps do not work.

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    Cheap piece of garbage. Does not work in PAL60. If you like terribly distorted and slow games. It might be good for your low standards.

  • Raul Gonzalez

    Super Pad 8 nes controller will it work on the Super Retron-trio 3?