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A Brief History Of: The Commodore Amiga

Some consoles had a much larger impact on the course of video games than many of us realise… …one of those is the Commodore Amiga! Commodore‚Äôs attempt at...


Oubliette; A Fan-Made Amiga Game Released Online

A Commodore Amiga fan has created his own dungeon crawler styled adventure game and released it for the world to explore.

Commodore Amiga Soundtracks Available To Pre-Order at Funstock Retro

A selection of Commodore Amiga soundtrack CD's are now available to pre-order at Funstock Retro.

What ‘Dizzy’ did for Gaming.

Anybody growing up as a gamer in the 1980's into the 1990's should surely of heard of Dizzy. Dizzy was an egg shaped hero who would somersault through screen after...

Commodore Amiga: a Visual Commpendium Preview | Funstock.co.uk

Have you pre-ordered the Commodore Amiga book? We have some exclusive preview material to share with you ahead of the April release...

Armiga Project Offers A Modern Twist On Amiga Gaming

Earlier this year, Elite Systems successfully achieved a Kickstarter goal to recreate the Sinclair ZX Spectrum as a Bluetooth keyboard that emulates games through a...