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Top 10 Funniest Songs From Video Games

Soundtracks add depth to video games, and can make us feel all sorts of emotions. However, not all soundtracks are made up of dramatic or melancholic compositions. These...

Love Fifa? Try: Madden NFL

From John Madden Football in 1988 right up to Madden 17 in present day - no other series can compete when it comes to American Football

EA’s Burnout Paradise is back!

Nearly 10 years to the day since Game's original release, we learn that a Remastered version is coming to PS4.

Hidden Gems Vol. 3: NHL ’94 (Mega Drive / Genesis)

I have never watched an ice hockey game in my life. I don’t know who the big players are these days, though I’ve heard of legends like Mario Lemieux, and especially...