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Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels – Think you can beat it?

The Mario game that never made its way to America until the SNES Super Mario Bros. All Stars, Super Mario Bros. – The Lost Levels is the true sequel to the Famicom...

The Top 10 Games of 1986

Few years are as eventful as 1986 was in the world of video games. Thanks largely to Nintendo breathing new life into home consoles

The Top 10 Games of 1994

The year Nintendo proudly proclaimed the “Year of the Cartridge” not only saw the zenith of both the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Super Famicom but also the last...

The Guardian Legend (NES) – You Didn’t Buy It?!

You could easily waste hours on this little-known masterpiece from Irem and you would be totally justified in doing so.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – Essential Collection

The entertainment system The NES. It was the console that kick started our love of gaming and also brought gaming back into a profitable state after the video game crash...

Nintendo Classic Mini Has Been Discontinued In Europe!

Nintendo Classic Mini Discontinued? Say it ain’t so! Well, it’s true sadly! A slew of discontinued notices has been announced for North America and Japan....

This Mini Famicom Commercial Is The Best!

So the Nintendo Classic Mini is getting loads of attention, deservedly so as it’s one of the best ideas they’ve had in recent memory. The fanfare for the...

Kaettekita Mario Bros

Kaettekita Mario Bros Receives English Fan Translation

A Japanese Famicom Disk Game known as Kaettekita Mario Bros, which was actually an enhanced version of the original Mario Bros game, has recently received an English...

Retro Video Game Collection Consisting of Over 3,000 Titles Spotted on eBay

A Retro Video Game Collection consisting of over 3,000 titles has been listed on eBay; and it features some impressive titles.

Super Famicom: The Box Artwork Collection to be a Funstock Retro Exclusive Product

Funstock Retro will be the exclusive retailer for the Super Famicom: The Box Artwork Collection Book.

Seven Creative Uses for Old Nintendo Hardware

We share our thoughts on seven of the best Nintendo products that have been modded for alternate use.

Famicom & Super Famicom Car Designs Made in Forza Motorsport 6

A fan has made livery designs of the Famicom and Super Famicom for use in Forza Motorsport 6; and they look fantastic!

Retron 5 VS Super Retro TRIO | “Which Should I Buy – A Super Retro TRIO or a Retron 5?”

There are some key differences between the two devices, and it's important you consider what exactly you're looking for in a reproduction console - so we consider the...

Retron 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

The Retron 5 is really easy to use out of the box and requires little in the way of technical expertise. In terms of regular use, it’s pretty much a case of...