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Atari “Pong” is 45 Years Old Today!

It may not look like much now, but Pong really is the Godfather of the modern gaming industry. Not bad for something that came about as a result of a training...

Best Shopkeepers In Video Games – It’s Just Business!

Best Shopkeepers In Video Games! Back in the good ol’ pre-3D gaming days, if you ever wanted to buy in-game items from a shop, you’d always have to deal with a...

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Years of Being the Fastest Thing Alive

Sonic the Hedgehog made his videogame debut on this date twenty-five years ago and to celebrate this achievement we have compiled a list of the most notable games in the...

Nintendo Consoles created out of LEGO

A look at a selection of Nintendo consoles that have been re-created in LEGO with life-like detail.

Seven Creative Uses for Old Nintendo Hardware

We share our thoughts on seven of the best Nintendo products that have been modded for alternate use.

BLAZE TAB Isn’t Just a Gaming Handheld; It’s an Android Tablet

The BLAZE TAB isn't just a device built for playing your favourite retro games; it's also capable of being your normal android based tablet.

Can the Retro Freak be the Best Retro Gaming Device Of All Time?

Here is everything we know about the Retro Freak and its similarities to the Retron 5.

Retro Resi – Resident Evil on the Game Boy Colour

Find out about HotGen Studios port of Resident Evil for the Gameboy Colour that was almost identical to the 1996 Playstion 1 release of the game.

The Best Nintendo 64 Games

Just what were the Best Nintendo 64 games; well we take a look and find out!

21 Of The Weirdest Game Controllers

Console and computer controllers have been subject to extensive ergonomic tests to ensure they offer the very best in comfort and gaming function. At least, that’s...

Retro Video Game Cereals Were All the Rage in the 80s

As we all know, video games are fun to play, so what about fun to eat? Ralston Foods, General Mills and Kellogg’s thought this would be a good idea in the 80s and...

Top 10 Side Scrolling Shooting Games (Run and Gun)

As a huge fan of side scrolling shooter games I thought I would put together a list of the top 10 side scrolling shooters (aka 'run and gun') to share with you all.