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hyperkin retron jr

Hyperkin Retron Jr Announced

Hyperkin have announced their latest retro console, in the Hyperkin Retron Jr. It will play GameBoy, GameBoy Colour and Game Boy Advance games in 720p on your TV.  ...

The Top 10 Underrated Game Boy Games

One of the most popular systems ever released, handheld or otherwise, the original Game Boy from Gunpei Yokoi changed the way gamers viewed on-the-go gaming forever. In...

How To Make Your Own Retro Video Game!

Ever wondered how to make your very own retro game? This new tool makes it quick, easy and fun to create your very own platformer

The Top 5 Best Super Mario Power-ups

From the mushroom to the iconic fire flower, Mario has always had awesome power-ups. But what are the best Super Mario power-ups? And on which platforms?

Dexter’s Laboratory Robot Rampage (GBC) – You didn’t buy it?!

Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage is an example of some great, under-appreciated gameplay using some of the best stuff Cartoon Network has ever produced.

The Top 10 Gameboy Advance Games (GBA Gaming Classics)

Some believed the Game Boy Advance was a portable Super Famicom... but actually, it was way more powerful than that!

The Top 10 Games for the Original Gameboy

Towards the end of its life, it was a system that could boast a library of games as competent and developed as any on the NES or SNES.

The 10 Biggest Gaming Releases in 1989

With multiple console releases and a slew of now-classic games, 1989 was a great time to be a video gamer.

How to set up your SmartBoy in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s a short guide to help you set up the SmartBoy as quickly as possible, so you can get on with re-living those classic Game Boy games!   The Hyperkin...

Nintendo Gameboy – The Essential Collection

The Gameboy… with the technology inside it’s little non-descript frame, it should never have made the impact it did. It didn’t have the guts that the Atari Lynx...

Beyblade: G-Revolution (GBA) – Metacritic, You Got It Wrong!

Let it rip! Beyblade, one of the many kids show phenomena that is synonymous with merchandise sales, rather than a show worth watching. The kids the show was aimed at...

Top 5 Game Boy Advance Games Of All Time!

The Game Boy Advance is one of the greatest handhelds of all time! Yup, I said it. Bring it on N-Gage lovers! Nintendo and it’s compact Game Boy Advance handheld...

Ninja Cop – Retro Spotlight – Underrated GBA Classic

Today on Retro Spotlight, we’re looking at underrated classic that people don’t often mention when talking about Gameboy Advance games. It’s a game...

The best Instagram user ever – The Gameboy Cameraman!

Instagram is a neat place where you can see all sorts of cool content, from looking at your favourite celebrities and their daily activities, to an artist and their...

Rocket Man

Homebrew GameBoy Game ‘Rocket Man’ Receives a Demo

A trio of homebrew developers have created a working playable build of Rocket Man; a homebrew game designed for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Smart Boy Development Kit Announced by Hyperkin

Hyperkin, the creators of the Retron 5 console and numerous other retro-related-accessories, have recently announced the Smart Boy Development Kit for android...


The Legend of Zelda: Celebrating 30 Years of Adventures!

This year celebrates 30 years worth of The Legend of Zelda games and so we look back at 30 years of the franchise.

Nintendo Consoles created out of LEGO

A look at a selection of Nintendo consoles that have been re-created in LEGO with life-like detail.