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The Top 10 Underrated GameCube Games

The 10 Underrated GameCube Games you need to check out! Including Metal Gear Solid, Ikagura and more

Love Fifa? Try: MLB Slugfest (PS2/Gamecube)

Major League Baseball meet GTA in a game that doesn't take itself too seriously... and with good reason! Introducing MLB Slugfest

The Top 10 Nintendo GameCube Games

The Nintendo GameCube was a platform whose extensive collection of games allowed it to punch above its weight in the early 00's. Here's our top 10 games!

6 Games That Should Have Got A Sequel

For one reason or another, these games were critically-acclaimed hits that somehow never got around to giving us another entry.

Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures – Metacritic, you got it wrong!

Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures looks like your typical platformer at heart but expands upon that concept in so many ways

Sonic The Hedgehog Meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?!

Everyone remembers Sonic Riders to some degree. You know, that old hoverboarding Sonic game with the weird art style where half a character was shaded by lines? It...

GameCube Emulation Possible On Latest Samsung Phones!

For the longest time, it seemed as though getting great GameCube emulation on mobile platforms would take years on years to get going well. Taking the likes of Super...

Read Classic Retro Nintendo Power Magazine Issues Online!

Fan of Nintendo games? There are some amazing magazines you can read online for free! Sit back and have a look at a piece of gaming history!


The Legend of Zelda: Celebrating 30 Years of Adventures!

This year celebrates 30 years worth of The Legend of Zelda games and so we look back at 30 years of the franchise.

Super Smash Bros: A List of Every Character from Every Game

Just how many characters have appeared in the Super Smash Bros franchise? Well we take a look and find out!

Guys Take Gamecube To Their Local Bar – Awesome Night Ensues

Have you ever been stuck with the dilemma of "more gaming" or "go to the bar"? - well these guys have solved that problem, taking their trusty GameCube (why else would...