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Grand Theft Auto vs Saints Row

We look at two of the most explosive and controversial games ever to grace the home console! GTA and Saints Row ammo-up and get ready to offend!

The Top 10 PS2 Games of All Time

The top 10 PS2 Games of all time! Developers were awash in success from pumping out hit games on the PS2 - many decided to take risks we haven’t seen since.

The Top 10 Gaming Releases of 1997

The PlayStation was hitting on all cylinders, the Nintendo 64 was just getting into the mix, and PC gaming was in a bit of a renaissance. Welcome to 1997!


18 rated games! Gotta love a good ol’ violent game, or a title with offensive language. Nudity doesn’t do it for me in video games though there’s...

HEY!!! TAXI!!! – Taking a ride in our favourite mode of local transport!

I just had a lot of food shopping to do, and as I don’t drive, I had to rely on a good ol’ taxi service. They rarely let me down. The night was cold, very...

Hobos With a Good Heart

Bums. They’re everywhere. Big ones, small ones, some get in the way while others keep themselves to themselves. Some are brash, others loud, but at the end of the day,...

A Psychic Readers Network Is Suing Rockstar Games

People just love to sue people! There have been some strange lawsuits in the past. However, when it comes to strange lawsuits, this one might just take the cake....